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Synthesis 2013

Dartmouth Strategic Planning

Workforce of the Future


  • The Workforce of the Future working group convened 10 times, engaging 1300+ Dartmouth faculty, staff, and students through interviews, group discussions, public lectures, forums, a campus-wide questionnaire, and the strategic planning website.
  • The group submitted their final recommendations to the faculty and senior executive strategic planning advisory committees in June 2012.

Overall Approach

The senior executive strategic planning advisory group (SE-SPAC) launched the administrative planning efforts by first focusing on the core aspects of our workforce – its success and evolution. The goal of this working group was to identify how to create and sustain a dynamic, effective, and mission-driven workforce that meets the College’s needs as a leading institution.

This working group sought broad input from within and outside Dartmouth. They examined trends, needs and opportunities vital to the successful recruitment, retention, and training of our workforce in the future. Individual schools and departments were asked by their deans and directors to engage in discussions focusing on departmental, divisional and school-specific strengths and approaches to complement the more general conversation.


  • To provide an aspirational vision for Dartmouth’s workforce of the future
  • To develop recommendations for Dartmouth’s strategic plan, informed by data-driven assessment and broad engagement with the community 

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