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Synthesis 2013

Dartmouth Strategic Planning

Students of the Future


  • The Students of the Future working group convened nine times and engaged over two hundred and seventy-five Dartmouth faculty, staff, and students through interviews, group discussions, surveys, and the strategic planning website.
  • The group submitted their final recommendations to the faculty and senior executive strategic planning advisory committees in June 2012.
  • A retreat for strategic planning leaders was held on June 15, 2012 to discuss and debate the ideas presented in all working group reports.
  • During the summer, strategic planning leaders are working together to synthesize working group recommendations with the aim of presenting a draft plan for community input in the fall of 2012. 

Overall Approach

The senior executive strategic planning advisory committee (SE-SPAC) together with the faculty strategic planning advisory committee (F-SPAC) launched the Students of the Future working group to focus on the nature and needs of Dartmouth’s future students.  The group’s goal was to understand factors driving student recruitment, success and engagement and to anticipate trends and innovations necessary to educate the most talented leaders of every generation.

The Students of the Future working group included four subgroups: Building Engaged and Responsible Communities; Leveraging Diversity and Inclusivity; Anchoring Students in the Intellectual Life of the Community; Facilitating Engagement and Personal Development

This working group sought broad input from within and outside Dartmouth. They examined the trends, future needs and opportunities vital to the successful recruitment, retention and support of outstanding students and future leaders.  The group spent time exploring what the Dartmouth 2020 experience should be.  Research was conducted on student competencies for preparedness and success in the 21st century, developing a culture of leadership, community building, teamwork, strategies for co-curricular and curricular alignment, accountability, reflection, pipeline issues, and the residential college experience.


  • To provide an aspirational vision for Dartmouth’s students of the future.
  • To delve deeply into issues likely to impact Dartmouth’s future students from recruitment and admission through graduation and post-graduation success and continued engagement.
  • To develop recommendations for Dartmouth’s strategic plan, informed by data-driven assessment and broad interaction with the community.

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