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Synthesis 2013

Dartmouth Strategic Planning

Research, Scholarship and Creativity


  • The Research, Scholarship and Creativity working group convened 7 times, engaging over 150 Dartmouth faculty, staff, and students from 40 departments across the institution through interviews, group discussions, and the strategic planning website.
  • The group submitted their final recommendations to the faculty and senior executive strategic planning advisory committees in June 2012.

Overall Approach

The faculty strategic planning advisory committee (F‐SPAC) launched its planning efforts by focusing first on the core aspects of the dual roles of faculty as scholars and teachers – scholarly and pedagogical excellence. The goal of this working group was to look deeply into issues relating to support and expansion of faculty scholarship, research and creative practice necessary to continue Dartmouth’s leadership in higher education in the coming years. The group analyzed trends in research, scholarship and creativity globally, making comparisons between Dartmouth and a broad set of peer institutions, and executed an extensive program of engaging colleagues and students across the institution to collect ideas and assessments regarding scholarly endeavors at Dartmouth. 

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What types of resources are needed to facilitate research activities, scholarship and creative production?


What are the opportunities for building bridges across schools to enhance research and creative production?


In what areas can we advance scholarship, research, and creativity?