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Synthesis 2013

Dartmouth Strategic Planning

Pedagogy, Teaching and Mentorship


  • The Pedagogy, Teaching, and Mentorship working group convened 12 times, engaging 150+ Dartmouth faculty, staff, and students through interviews, group discussions, public lectures, and the strategic planning website.
  • The group submitted their final recommendations to the faculty and senior executive strategic planning advisory committees in June 2012.

Overall Approach

The faculty strategic planning advisory group (F‐SPAC) decided to launch their planning efforts by focusing first on the core aspects of our dual roles as scholars and teachers – scholarly and pedagogical excellence. The Pedagogy, Teaching and Mentorship working group looked deeply into issues relating to support and expansion of faculty pedagogy, teaching and mentoring necessary to continue Dartmouth’s leadership in higher education in the coming years.

The PTM working group sought broad input from within and outside Dartmouth. They examined trends, needs and opportunities that are vital to the successful recruitment, retention and advancement and distinction of our faculty as innovative educators in the future. Individual schools and departments were asked by their deans to engage in discussions focusing on departmental, divisional, and school‐specific scholarly areas and disciplinary approaches to complement the more general conversation.


  • To define and enhance our model of scholar‐teacher that is fundamental to Dartmouth, in order to be truly distinctive in higher education
  • To combine an ethic of educational innovation (e.g., digital, new ways of learning, etc.) with our unique model of highly interactive, exceptional education
  • To facilitate Dartmouth’s distinctive link between Pedagogy and Research
  • To identify opportunities for collaboration and partnerships across campus, and with external partners across the world

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What new trends and ideas can we incorporate through our pedagogy?


How can we best support the professional development of faculty and staff for effective teaching and mentoring?


What will the best “high touch” education look like in the future?