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Synthesis 2013

Dartmouth Strategic Planning

Global Dartmouth


  • The Global Dartmouth working group convened as a group nine times and had additional subcommittee meetings.
  • The group engaged 60 Dartmouth faculty, staff, and students through interviews, group discussions, and the strategic planning website.
  • The group submitted their final recommendations to the faculty and senior executive strategic planning advisory committees in June 2012.


The aim of "Global Dartmouth" is to foster Dartmouth’s intentional and ethical engagement with the world and the world’s engagement with Dartmouth as partners in the exchange of knowledge and learning. 

This effort is predicated on a reciprocal understanding of the "Global", which envisions sustained global academic engagement between Dartmouth (students, faculty, staff and alumni) and global constituencies. It is an institution-wide endeavor in recognition that there is a global dimension to all of Dartmouth’s activities. The ultimate aim of “Global Dartmouth” is to nurture the development of world citizens, who are grounded in place and thriving in difference (of cultures, languages, values, ways of knowing), ethically engaged, primed to negotiate, open to learn.


  • To provide an aspirational vision for international activities at Dartmouth, ensuring our prominence globally.
  • To develop recommendations for Dartmouth’s strategic plan, informed by data-driven assessment and broad engagement with the community.

Overall Approach

The senior executive strategic planning advisory committee (SE-SPAC) and the faculty strategic planning advisory committee (F-SPAC) jointly launched the Global Dartmouth Working Group in December 2011 to focus on the core aspects of Dartmouth’s international impact, reach and programs.  The working group’s goal was to look deeply into issues relating to the support, innovation and expansion of international activities needed to enhance Dartmouth’s leadership in higher education.

The Global Dartmouth working group included three subcommittees: Global Students and Academic International Engagement; Global Faculty and International Research Efforts; Global Partnership and International Agreements.

The working group sought broad input from within and outside Dartmouth. The working group focused internal outreach efforts on targeted interviews with faculty in all of the Arts & Sciences departments, representatives in the 3 professional schools, staff, and senior deans.  Extensive external research was conducted on the global engagement of peer institutions.  The group had the opportunity to speak in person with Phil Geier from the United World Colleges and Leading Voices in Higher Education speaker Ben Wildavsky.

The working group examined trends, needs and opportunities vital to ensuring Dartmouth’s leadership and engagement in an increasingly globalized world.  Data was collected across Arts and Sciences and the professional schools on Dartmouth’s current global activities, resources, and infrastructure. 

Download the complete Working Group overview (PDF)


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What does it/will it mean for leading American institutions to be “international” or “global”?


What is Dartmouth’s international presence today, what international experiences will future faculty and students expect?


How can Dartmouth leverage strengths across the institution? With other partners?