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Synthesis 2013

Dartmouth Strategic Planning


Doing Strategic Planning Differently — A Special Process for a Special Place

Over the past two years nearly 3,000 members of the Dartmouth community (faculty, administrators and staff, students and alumni) came together across departments and schools to consider higher education in the 21st century and Dartmouth’s role in it. This website provides a brief synthesis of this community-wide strategic planning process.

Our task was to survey the current landscape, identify key trends, anticipate the future at a time of accelerated change, and think boldly about Dartmouth’s place in the global higher education landscape. How is higher education shifting? What is driving change? What are Dartmouth’s greatest opportunities and challenges? What is needed to ensure Dartmouth’s continuing excellence in research and education?

Throughout this process, our goal was to identify significant opportunities and challenges as we consider an ambitious and forward-looking course for Dartmouth’s future. Our goal with this website is to bring together the ideas that were generated during the process in a synthetic and cogent framework designed to stimulate further discussion and development under the leadership of President Hanlon.

The process included nine strategic planning working group reports, feedback from the Dartmouth community and many outside speakers and materials. All of the information available on the previous strategic planning website (including the summaries and the working group reports, the extensive library, interviews, process details, and the speaker series) are available on the current site. As can be seen, the community has many exciting ideas and is looking forward enthusiastically to continuing conversations about Dartmouth’s future.