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Synthesis 2013

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Career Services Must Die

A new report, "A Roadmap for Transforming the College-to-Career Experience", calls for the traditional university model of student career services to be rethought. Suggestions include: Student outreach in freshman year; more staff; collaboration with faculty members and administrators; employer and alumni relations; development; office operations and professional development; provide “personal and career development” to build lifetime employability. Grasgreen, Allie. "Career Services Must Die." Inside Higher Ed, 15 May 2013. Read article »

Beyond Study Abroad

Under the vice provost for global initiatives, The University of Pennsylvania is promoting noncredit international internships and post-graduation work opportunities as alternative ways for students to gain meaningful experiences abroad. The university’s strategic plan for international initiatives calls for growing the number of stipends available to support international internships and working with the career services office to identify and highlight international job and internship opportunities. Redden, Elizabeth. "Beyond Study Abroad". Inside Higher Ed, 14 May 2013. Read article »

New Analyses of Census Bureau Data Examine…Working Students and Changes in Self-Employment

One in five college undergraduate students worked full-time, year-round in 2011, and 72 percent worked at least part-time during the year, according to U.S. Census data. Graduate students worked even more, with almost half working full-time and 82 percent working at least part-time in 2011. “New Analyses of Census Bureau Data Examine...Working Students..." United States Census Bureau, 24 Jan. 2013 Read article »

Skepticism About Tenure, MOOCs and the Presidency: A Survey of Provosts

1,081 college and university provosts in the United States were recently interviewed by Gallup about tenure, MOOCs, and the nature of their jobs. Soft support for tenure, skepticism and fear over MOOCs, and agreement that provosts are no longer strictly focused on academic affairs were the most significant trends to emerge from the data. Many provosts said that their jobs now involve greater financial responsibilities, and over 86% agreed with the statement that “financial concerns ... are prevalent in my institution's discussions about launching new academic programs." Regarding MOOCs, provosts were “divided about whether these courses will have a positive impact, but concerned about a possible impact on their business models.” Jaschik, Scott. “Skepticism About Tenure, MOOCs and the Presidency: A Survey of Provosts.” Inside Higher Ed, 23 Jan. 2013. Read article »

AAUP Publishes New Guidelines on Librarians

“The American Association of University Professors has updated guidelines for librarians to reflect their changing roles as teachers and researchers. The joint Statement on Faculty Status of College and University Librarians now includes language on technology in the library” and also “reaffirms an earlier version’s call to consider librarians involved in teaching and research as faculty members.” “AAUP Publishes New Guidelines on Librarians.” Inside Higher Ed, 14 Jan. 2013. Read article »

Survey Results: Why People Decide to Work in Higher Ed

Two Harvard researchers surveyed 464 faculty and administrators to determine potential differences between those who are new to the field and those who have been in higher ed for longer periods of time. Their results did not show many differences between the two groups, but one finding indicated that those who were new to higher ed (less than a year in) were significantly more likely to have been motivated by the opportunity for impact or making a difference. The most popular reasons respondents in both groups had for entering higher ed were that they considered it interesting work or “their calling,” or they liked its mission/culture. Catropa, Dayna, and Margaret Andrews. “Survey Results: Why People Decide to Work in Higher Ed.” Inside Higher Ed, 10 Jan. 2013. Read article »

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