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Why Some Academics Publish More

“Motivation and the ability to network have a far greater impact on research productivity than age, gender, job satisfaction, managerial support or teaching load, according to a study by researchers at University College Dublin. The study defined “research productivity” as "the number of publications in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters completed" over a three-year period. Reisz, Matthew. “Why Some Academics Publish More.” Inside Higher Ed, 27 September 2012. Read article »

NYU opens ‘study away’ center in D.C

“New York University students interning in Washington can now continue to take official classes, conduct research with District-based faculty members, and live in dorms at a new ‘study away’ center. The new 75,000-square-foot Constance Milstein and Family Global Academic Center has classrooms, faculty offices, research space, a 140-seat auditorium and enough dorm rooms to ultimately house 120 students. The curriculum will chiefly focus on government, politics, public administration and journalism.” Johnson, Jenna. “NYU opens ‘study away’ center in D.C.” The Washington Post, 25 Sept. 2012. Read article »

Indiana U. to Create a School of Philanthropy

Believed to be the first of its kind in the world, the School of Philanthropy at Indiana University will offer bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. programs in philanthropic studies. The school’s existing Center on Philanthropy will be the foundation for the new school. Huckabee, Charles. “Indiana U. to Create a School of Philanthropy.” The Chronicle of Higher Education, 15 Sept. 2012. Read article »

Have I got a Treat for You, the Institute for Computer Policy and the Law

The Institute for Computer Policy and the Law's seventh conference is entitled "Internet Culture in the Academy." This news brief provides links to its main site, and web addresses at which its main keynote presentations can be viewed. Tracy Mitriano. "Have I got a Treat for You, the Institute for Computer Policy and the Law" Inside Higher Ed online, September 1 Read article »

Big Changes in Higher Ed

The old saw goes that things that can’t last don’t last. Traditional American colleges and universities may be in that category right now. They cost too much. Young Americans are graduating with punishing debt. And the Internet is offering a big alternative. The superhot phrase of the academic season is MOOC: Massive Open Online Course. Top schools are racing to offer them. Sign up, dive in, learn – from anywhere. Goodbye campus and quad. Maybe. How will this really work? This hour, On Point: a college system at the breaking point meets the Internet revolution. Tom Ashbrook, host. "Big Changes in Higher Ed" NPR Online, September 10 2012. Read article »

When it Comes to Education, Two Peas in a Pod?”

President Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney disagree on a number of issues. But there are some aspects of education policy on which the two candidates are hand-in-hand. Host Michel Martin speaks with Education Week reporter Alyson Klein, who has compared each campaign's message on education. NPR Staff. "When it Comes to Education, Two Peas in a Pod?" NPR Online, September 6 2012. Read article »

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