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Higher Education Costs

Delayed, Not Defeated

After proceeding quietly for the last few years, in the last month Case Western Reserve University, Georgetown University, and the University of Rochester have each publicly launched campaigns with goals of at least $1 billion. USC publicly launched a $6 billion campaign in August. Kiley, Kevin, "Delayed, Not Defeated", Inside Higher Ed, November 9, 2011. Read article »

E-Book, In-House

For profit American Public University System outlines a plan for their professors to publish course textbooks electronically, with the goals of reducing costs to students and supporting faculty scholarship. Fain, Paul, "E-Book, In-House", Inside Higher Ed, November 7, 2011. Read article »

No Tuition, No Problem

The founder of non-profit University of the People discusses the partnership with NYU and offers his model as replicable and beneficial for all universities to meet the growing demand for affordable tertiary education. Reshef, Shai, "No Tuition, No Problem", Chronicle for Higher Education online, November 6, 2011. Read article »

Class of 2010 Graduates Who Borrowed Took Out an Estimated Average of $25,250 in Loans

The Project on Student Debt has issued this report based on self-reported data from graduates of 2 and 4 year public and private degree programs. The debt figure is an 5% increase from 2009. Supiano. Beckie, Chronicle for Higher Education online, November 3, 2011 Read article »

Want Innovation? Remove the Barriers

A suggestion for an "Innovation Demonstration Program" supported by U.S. Department of Education, allowing pilot programs without accreditation access to Title IV funds. Stokes, Peter, "Want Innovation? Remove the Barriers", Inside Higher Ed, October 27, 2011 Read article »

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