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Synthesis 2013

Dartmouth Strategic Planning



Beyond Study Abroad

Under the vice provost for global initiatives, The University of Pennsylvania is promoting noncredit international internships and post-graduation work opportunities as alternative ways for students to gain meaningful experiences abroad. The university’s strategic plan for international initiatives calls for growing the number of stipends available to support international internships and working with the career services office to identify and highlight international job and internship opportunities. Redden, Elizabeth. "Beyond Study Abroad". Inside Higher Ed, 14 May 2013. Read article »

The Definition Of Global Learning

Now over a decade into the 21st century, there is tremendous pressure for education to “globalize.” What this means exactly isn’t universally agreed upon. Heick, Terry. "The Definition Of Global Learning." Techthought.com, 22 March 2013. Read article »

Are our universities ready for a paradigm shift?

“Is the time right for significant change – perhaps even a fundamental paradigm shift within higher education?” “There is no question that calls for fundamental change within higher education abound.” “In commenting on the economic challenges we are experiencing today, Arthur Levine of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation described the change as a shift from a ‘national, analogue, industrial economy’ to one that is ‘global, digital and information-based.’” Hughes, Julia Christensen. “Are our universities ready for a paradigm shift?” The Globe and Mail, 11 March 2013. Read article »

Global Ambitions

Perhaps more than other university, NYU has in recent years sought to drastically expand its global network. It sends more students abroad than any other U.S. university and is enlarging its network of “study away” sites to include 13 locations on six continents. The university has even rebranded itself in international circles as the Global Network University. These efforts, however, and the intentions of NYU President John Sexton have been called into question by faculty who are stirred by “renewed questions about academic freedom (or lack thereof) in Abu Dhabi and, to a lesser degree, Shanghai; frustrations about the detraction of attention from core academic programs in New York; and concerns about a lack of faculty input in decision-making.” Redden, Elizabeth. “Global Ambitions.” Inside Higher Ed, 11 March 2013. Read article »

Penn Campaign Raises $4.3 Billion, Transforming the University

The University of Pennsylvania has raised $4.3 billion through its Making History campaign. The funding will be put toward five objectives: “Opening Educational Doors: Expanding Student Financial Aid,” “Recruiting and Retaining a World-Class Faculty and Staff,” “Expanding a Green Urban Campus: Buildings and Facilities,” “Extending Penn’s Reach, Locally and Globally,” and “Engaging Alumni: The Power of the Penn Community.” For its global objective, Penn plans to create a "world house" in 2015 through which world leaders and Penn faculty members will work to tackle major global problems. Each year, a new problem will be selected. While Penn does not plan to start branch campuses abroad, it is preparing to open a center in China for a range of activities, including faculty research and interviewing applicants. “Penn Campaign Raises $4.3 Billion, Transforming the University.” Penn News, 28 Feb. 2013. Read article »

Caltech’s President Will Depart for Top Job at Saudi University

The President of the California Institute for Technology will become the president of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia later this year. Jean-Lou Chameau said he expected to remain president of CIT for the rest of his career until he was presented with the “unique and life-changing opportunity” to run the Saudi university. Also known as Kaust, King Abdullah University was founded in 2009 with the mission of becoming a top higher ed institution, even despite its location in “one of the world’s most restrictive countries.” “Caltech’s President Will Depart for Top Job at Saudi University.” The Chronicle of Higher Education, 19 Feb. 2013. Read article »

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