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Synthesis 2013

Dartmouth Strategic Planning

Process Timeline

Faculty, students, staff, and alumni came together with an unprecedented collaborative spirit to explore an ambitious future for Dartmouth through an institution-wide strategic planning process. The goal was to articulate a compelling and aspirational vision for Dartmouth at its 250th anniversary in 2019.

By building on the strengths and distinctions that have made Dartmouth one of the most outstanding institutions in higher education, we will make a strong school even stronger and ensure that our programs remain relevant and continue to grow in stature for generations to come.

This comprehensive strategic planning process engaged more than 3,000 members of our community. Nine working groups offered ideas and suggestions for ways in which we can achieve even stronger academic excellence, student accomplishment, global engagement, and societal impact in the rapidly changing and competitive landscape of higher education.

Retreats with strategic planning leaders were held in June and October 2012 to review and synthesize working group reports, identify common themes, and explore big ideas.  A two-page synthesis of each of the nine working group reports and the full reports were presented to the broader Dartmouth community in March 2013. The community was encouraged to comment on the reports for a one month period via the web, through in person forms, and standing committees.  The feedback collected was integrated into the final stage of the strategic planning process- the presentation of the most compelling strategic opportunities to guide Dartmouth’s future.  These strategic opportunities are now available for all to view on this website or via download

In the future we are going to see students who are able to engage with and try things out that they never thought they could do before. Michael Casey, Professor