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Synthesis 2013

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Leading Voices in Higher Education: Daphne Koller

Photo courtesy of Stanford University

The Online Revolution: Education for Everyone

Monday, April 1, 2013 @ 6:00pm in Filene Auditorium, Moore Hall


“We should spend less time at universities filling our students' minds with content by lecturing at them, and more time igniting their creativity … by actually talking with them.”

Daphne Koller is a Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University and the co-founder of Coursera, a social entrepreneurship company that works with top universities to make the best education freely accessible to everyone.  In her research life, Koller works in the area of machine learning.  She has received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, the MacArthur Foundation Fellowship, the ACM/Infosys award, and membership in the National Academy of Engineering. Her work was featured in the MIT Technology Review in an article titled ‘10 Emerging Technologies That Will Change Your World. Dr. Koller is an award winning teacher, who pioneered many of the ideas that underlie the Coursera user experience. She received her BSc and MSc from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and her PhD from Stanford in 1994.

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Described by some as "the beginning of the end for higher education," Coursera is a for-profit educational company that partners with various universities and makes a few of their courses available online free for a large audience through MOOCs- Massive Open Online Courses. As of November 2012 more than 1,900,241 students from 196 countries have enrolled in at least one course. Coursera provides free online courses in the fields of Computer Science; Healthcare, Medicine, and Biology; Society, Networks, and Information; Humanities and Social Science; Mathematics and Statistics; and Economic, Finance, and Business. In fall 2012, Coursera offered more than 100 courses.

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